Kate & Duncan’s day had many choice ingredients for a sussex wedding photographer’s dream wedding shoot – a period country house setting with marquee on the lawn, the pretty village church 200m away, horse and cart for the couple, cute flower girl and pageboys, string quartet, fields of wild flowers and grasses, friends and family from around the globe……

The only slight uncertainty and tension beforehand was checking the metoffice weather forecast……how much will it rain?!….are the winds really going to be that strong….? I do sometimes have to plan for the worst to make sure crucial photographs will be achieved, and I had been through plan A,B, and C. However, Kate’s mother had it all sorted with the long forgotten Sussex tradition of simply planting a silver spoon in the ground. (Obviously its far more technical than that – getting the precise depth and angle of the spoon to align with the interplanetary forces, atmospheric pressures, alignment of the poles, timing of insertion etc etc)   But…it…WORKED !!!  Just before the bride stepped outside to walk to the church, the clouds parted and radiant sunshine embraced the whole scene…….

The rest of the day was pretty much as idyllic as it could possibly be. The ushers left the pub on time, the bride was beautiful, the kids super cute, the ceremony was moving, the pony didn’t bolt, the soggy ground dried out, sunlight raised everyone’s spirits and thirst to the max, guests all party-ed heartily, the iced champagne was plentiful, food was amazing, all the hard work in preparation shone through, the lighting show dazzled, the band were rocking…….It was a truly amazing wedding day and I hope my photos do some justice to all the fun and celebrations for such a lovely couple.

Why plan for the worst when you can have the best??   Actually Bunny, please could I borrow your silver spoon for next week ??!!

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