As a ‘discerning wedding photographer’, Adam and Jules’ wedding day at Hambledon House went even further than my expectations, from when they described it to me last year. Vintage cars and bus, amazing country house & grounds, giant tipis, evening light show….all the details worked so well to pack their day with visual delights.

Their ceremony took place at Christchurch in Crookham, flowers by The Petal Place, and my coverage began with waiting for a bus……….but not the usual wait, wait, wait…….then finally 3 come along in a row…….no…bang on time, a single smart red routemaster pulls up promptly, to off load assorted guests. Adam, looking most dapper, was cool and in control, busying himself sorting details and people.

Jules arrived with a bit more style in a gleaming vintage Rolls (although a teeny bit late ‘just for tradition’?), stepping out to greet her lovely bridesmaids and take Dad’s arm, all smile’s in the sunshine. Adam was obviously blown away to see her (and relieved?) looking lovely coming down the aisle – her dress from The Farnham Boutique

After a bit of confetti and cheers, it was all aboard the jolly red bus once more (grabbing a chilled drink as you went) to cross counties into sunny Surrey, for the reception at the splendid Hambledon House. Magnificently, like the pyramids, there stood the stunning tipi tents within the wonderful views of Surrey.

It took a bit of persuading for Adam to actually step out of his beautiful vintage Rolls, but he finally did, only to climb back into the other one for yet more photos ‘at the wheel’ !!  He did of course eventually realise there was a party going down, so manfully re-prioritised his options by joining his wife for the celebrations. The sun continued to shine through the blissful afternoon and we enjoyed making photos around the lovely gardens of Hambledon House. I loved all the quirky details with the tipis in the background.

As the evening light fell, the timely illuminations came on and the dazzling light show took off. However it was not all ‘electric’ and I think the ushers were the hardest working bunch I’ve met, individually lighting approx 279 tea lights in testing twilight conditions, whilst somewhat ‘under the influence’ !! Thankfully, no blackened faces, the tipis didn’t burn down and all was masterfully executed (albeit with the odd curse here and there). Well done lads !

Quirky cool sounds by Hosenbrass got feet shuffling and the Four Old Gits did what they do best

Hope the pictures do some justice to a truly memorable wedding day !

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