Fun, candid and natural photographs were what Matt and Prim had requested for their wedding day……oh and also a sublime sunny English summer day would be nice too?! Well, the ‘extra topping’ came in thick abundance !!

The interior of St Peter’s and St Paul’s church, in the centre of Godalming, offered some cool respite from the blazing hot Surrey sun and I was more than happy to share my water bottle with the groom (dehydration can lead to fainting). Such were the conditions, that a large number of wedding guests were forced to shelter and take max refreshment in a nearby shady pub until the very last minute before the ceremony started. Matt had been a tad concerned about the lack of numbers until the mass stampede appeared around the corner.

Prim arrived a weeny bit late, however her radiant smile and stunning beauty reassured and took everyone’s minds off the sweaty concern/heat factor; Matt was clearly blown away but remained standing (glad I had offered him the water). It was a lovely ceremony with friends & family reading, performing and offering hearty singing.

The reception took place in the very colourful gardens at Prim’s parent’s Godalming home. The chilled drinks flowed liberally, live music filled the airwaves and photos done here and there among the shady flowers.

All inside the marquee for the wedding banquet and the party really got going. Various antics for the camera’s on tables to record and also the bizarre Goldalming tradition of putting an after eight mint over your eye and then aiming to progress it down your face to consume it without using hands !!  It was taken pretty seriously with quite a lot successes and amazingly no smear of chocolate across participants cheeks.

A great fun day providing many opportunities for the ‘fun photo factor’…..

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