I was looking forward to taking photos at Xanthe and Alun’s Chichester wedding day, with the rich varied locations on offer. Their ceremony took place at the Chichester Chambers in the heart of the city centre. With its historic backdrops, old stone and with the setting in the old paved bustling streets, there was a real sense of time and place.

Xanthe looked drop dead gorgeous, keeping here hair long in the starlet style and Alun was obviously knocked sideways (was that a lower lip tremble?!) with her stunning entrance to the Chamber room. He manfully composed himself and with the two best men’s help/hindrance placed the ring upon his beautiful (almost wife) bride’s finger. Words exchanged, whoops, cheers and clicks and the marriage was sealed.

A happy mingle outside in the archways with confetti and laughing before heading off to the next location – the scenic waterside by the Chichester Yacht Club. Nautical themes naturally presented themselves, and were embellished with the fun decorations – buntings, sea shells, sand, sailor with a sword….and don’t forget the passing ducks determined to join the party and get into a photo or two !!
It was a lovely setting with the beautiful views and then the icing on the cake (not literally….the saying I mean…the actual icing on the cake were the sea shells !!?)  when the sun suddenly burst through, just as Alun and Xanthe went walkabout along the floating jetty. Brilliant radiant light for some stunning shots of our happy couple together – yay !!

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