The superb Chewton Glen Hotel and grounds provided the lavish setting for wedding photos for Mary and John.

Mary’s family had travelled over from Canada (where it has been -20 degrees C) and Mary’s father remarked that it was always fine weather when he came to UK. Not wanting to shatter his illusion, I enthused that of course we enjoyed a warm temperate climate here, indicating the blue skies and spring flowers as the norm and not mentioning the wettest winter on record had only just started to dry out !!

Mary and Johns wedding was an intimate family gathering, but the occasion was just as grand as any large wedding. The lovely Mary smiled her beautiful smile throughout the day and John, the dashing groom beamed his handsome grin as well as the odd tear.

We were able to be outside to explore the beautiful grounds of the hotel for some ‘romantic atmosphere’ shots before the sumptuous wedding banquet in the summer house room. Speeches were made intermittently between courses to extend the meal into a relaxed time for the two families. A lovely day for a lovely couple

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