It was a gorgeous day for wedding photos for Amanda & Julian’s Hampshire wedding. All the elements came together perfectly for the quintessential classic vintage English country wedding with a Scandinavian twist !

First location was the couple’s cottage in Newton Valence with Norwegian flag on the door ! Amanda’s father and Julian were just fixing button holes before Julian made scarce out the side door, so as not to see his bride to be getting ready in the sitting room !  Her beautiful vintage dress designed by Jane Bourvis was also hidden hanging behind the spare bedroom door.

With radiant spring sunshine and a lovely country road to picturesque historic Chawton village, I started to feel I was on a period drama film set ?! This was further enhanced seeing the groom and best man strolling up to Chawton House wearing top hats, tails and canes. Once inside the splendid Elizabethan house with the dark wood paneling, paintings and antique features, and getting lost with various staircases, passages,  I was by now definitely ‘back in time’…..

Amanda arrived in classic style in a 1925 Austin Windsor vintage car to gather with her 8 bridesmaids, half in traditional Norwegian Bunad dresses and the others in similar colour to the bride’s dress. I loved the bridal party’s descent down the old staircase. Amanda has previously stated her passion for black & white and this scene was a rich opportunity to use just that.

The lovely ceremony took place in the magnificent dining room of Chawton House ‘library’ (as its known, although to you and me its a massive house !) with its floor to ceiling dark paneling and hanging portrait paintings.

With the beautiful weather and stunning grounds, we were spoilt for choice for super photo spots. A happy leisurely mingle of family and friends spilled around the gardens, with the couple last to leave, driven down the amazing driveway in the classic red car   see

The reception continued on at the splendid Long Barn at Shotters Farm in Newton Valence. Its a wonderful huge space with dance floor at one end, bar mid between the dining space, which was all beautifully decorated and set up in the main area. A sumptuous buffet provided by Jane Holmes Creative Cooks did everyone proud with more wine and bubbles, speeches and gifts going down well.

Sensational music and singing by Ray Lowe with The Red Carpet Entertainers Band  got feet tapping with some vintage jazz soul sounds. Then the ultimate send off for the first dance with Josie’s gorgeous rich tingling singing voice taking things to an even further level !   Wow !!

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