It was great to be photographing a Bartholomew Barn wedding once more, for Harriet and Jack’s wedding day. I love the variety of photo spots around this venue  – the old stone of the barn and courtyard, the colours, textures and shade of the gardens, the views across the fields of the idyllic Sussex countryside – all inspiring stuff.

Jack and the boys had been busy decorating the barn interior beams with hops – a strong theme of the wedding was ‘beer’, which is always a good theme anywhere. On this occasion it was taken to new heights, with our groom having brewed his own range of delicious nectars to celebrate the day.

Accompanied by 2 close friends singing a beautiful duet, Harriet looked just lovely coming down the aisle  – and the look on Jack’s face said more than words can describe (it wasn’t just the aroma of hops in the air!).

After the ceremony , the warm day was idled away in a relaxed, beer mellowed way….. (could be rhyming lyrics of a song?!). The camper van was a nice touch with the surrounding wheat fields and Harriet & Jack drove off for a post wedding conference. Later, the party really warmed up, with our couple hitting the dance floor, closely followed by some hot ‘movers shakers’. As I left, I seem to recall a baby’s bottle being passed around containing something that obviously wasn’t milk…..I have no photographic record of events after that stage !!

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