There were gorgeous photo opportunities with Caroline and James’ wedding in the historic quarter of Southampton, Hampshire. Their day was spread over several venues all within a short walk of each other.

Caroline’s preparations took place at the Pig in the Wall Hotel, with its quirky vintage charm (and delicious sandwiches!). The bridesmaids then helped carry her beautiful long dress as she walked to St Joseph’s church. I loved capturing the procession by the old stone of the medieval wall. It was a touching ceremony with family and friends witnessing the vows and rings.

Another short stroll to the superb Westgate Hall for a reception, speeches and wedding banquet. Then why settle for one venue when you can have another wonderful old building for the evening?!! So with some more photos along the medieval wall, we made out way to the Dancing Man. This is not only an amazing old warehouse, recently refurbished to a bar restaurant, it’s also a micro brewery with fantastic range of ales !  The day was just getting better and better :). More evening guests arrived to taste those beers and enjoy the evening party with a spot of ceilidh dancing. What a wonderful Hampshire wedding day !

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