Southend Barns is a stunning location for a wedding photographer, and of course also for our lucky couple getting married ! With almost a whiff of the sea on the breeze & the occasional seagull, it was nice to be close to Chichester marina at Southend Barns near Donnington for Emma & Kevin’s wedding day. We were blessed with glorious weather and beautiful clear azure skies which keyed in nicely with the guys cool blue suits, decorations and table pieces.

Their ceremony in The Dairy Barn was a wee bit ’emotional’ but v happy. A lovely light space with some extra acoustic atmosphere of a close friend playing guitar.

Emma & Kevin’s reception was lovely and relaxed, just as they had wished it to be – with everyone spilling around the al fresco spaces, playing games, sipping this and that. We explored a few corners for photos, following the light and shade – I loved the variety of backdrops and textures of the gardens.

Then all in to the main Threshing Barn for a truly superb wedding banquet. (I was lucky enough to try a few of the 6 choices of dessert, well they were mini ones – all delicious!). Some great evening light for more photos and then the unusual combo of sunlight streaming in and coloured dance lights for the first dance. A wonderful memorable day for everyone.

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