The sun was out, swords polished and everything spic and span for Hannah & Stuart’s Hampshire Spring Wedding at Cain Manor.

The venue dates back to Elizabethan times and the timbers are believed to be recycled from ships of that seafaring era. As Stuart is an officer in the Royal Navy, the term ‘spic and span’ has extra meaning for their wedding at this historic place (a spic being a spike or nail and a span a length of timber).

Hannah, though was very much ‘up to date’ with her stylish preparations, with Makeup by Catherine Taylor and hair done by CLJ Makeup. Took me a while to realise the bridesmaids looking pretty for photos were actually in their dressing gowns ! It was only stage one, before they transferred to gorgeous Wintermelon coloured bridesmaids dresses by M694 by True Bride.

The bridal suite at Cain Manor always shows a light wedding dress off well for photos, with the deep rich wood of the bedroom walls. Our bride looked absolutely beautiful in her Ladybird wedding dress by Kama. A vision which brought tears to the eyes of her father….would our groom ‘crumple’ too?

Stuart certainly looked the dashing officer & a gentleman and whilst he didn’t burst into floods of tears, he was certainly moved as he witnessed Hannah walking down the aisle. It was a touching ceremony and with rings and vows exchanged, they stepped out into the bright sunshine as husband and wife. The guys held the swords and guests threw confetti (never the other way round !) and the celebrations were underway.

Champagne, pimms and canapes in the sun ain’t a bad mix and we slotted in some photos without slowing up the party too much. The main dining hall ( as well as the bouquets) was beautifully decorated with flower arranged by Jo Wilkinson Floristry

It was straightforward decision to do some ‘together’ shots of the couple later with the softer evening light and lower sun. So after a top notch Bijou banquet, I took Hannah and Stuart for a ‘photographic wander’ around the lovely south facing grounds of Cain Manor. I like to keep this chilled and after a pretty full-on day, many couples appreciate a bit of time together.

All in all a truly wonderful Hampshire Spring wedding at Cain Manor. See Stuart & Hannah’s whole day here.

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