Cain Manor Photographer with Emily & Stuart

E-S 591oldt

It was good to back as a Cain Manor Photographer for Emily and Stuarts autumnal wedding day !  I love this beautiful venue with its old character, wonderful gardens, and intimate atmosphere. The cosy log fire near the entrance was most welcome as we had a bit of a seasonal ‘nip in the air’.

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Farnham Castle wedding photos


Great wedding photo opportunities with 2 beautiful people and 2 beautiful Hampshire wedding venues !!

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Photos from Rob & Jo’s wedding day at Northbrook Park nr Farnham in Surrey


Rob and Jo’s wedding day took place at the beautiful Northbrook Park house and grounds near Farnham in Surrey. The venue is truly wonderful for weddings with magnificent interiors and gardens – from a photography point of view it was a case of almost having too many options!

Rob and ‘his boys’ were there early and impressively straight to work (admittedly the bar wasn’t actually open yet) with preparations/decorations before the guests started to arrive.The vine room was soon filling, necks craning and the air buzzing with anticipation….

I had been trying for a while, without luck, to get a colourful shot of a peacock displaying its full spread feathers. What of course I didn’t appreciate was that the peacock was specially trained to do this at crucial moments, so just as Jo’s Rolls came gliding down the drive, sure enough our peacock leapt into action with it’s dazzling welcome display!

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