Oaks Farm Wedding – Photos from Harry and Siobhan’s day near Croydon

First time for an Oaks Farm Wedding, and what a little gem of a place for wedding photography. Situated just outside the hustel/bustle of Croydon, the pretty walled gardens, barn, fruit trees, pond provided a great tranquil backdrops for Harry & Siobhan’s wedding with a vintage flavour. […]

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Wedding Photos taken at Matt & Prim’s wedding day in Godalming Surrey

Fun, candid and natural photographs were what Matt and Prim had requested for their wedding day……oh and also a sublime sunny English summer day would be nice too?! Well, the ‘extra topping’ came in thick abundance !! The interior of St Peter’s and St Paul’s church, in the centre of Godalming, offered some cool respite from the blazing hot Surrey sun and I was more than happy to share my water bottle with the groom (dehydration can lead to fainting). Such were the conditions, that a large number of wedding guests were forced to shelter and take max refreshment in [...]

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