Mike and Dani’s wedding day at Highdown Hotel, Worthing, Sussex


The Highdown Hotel near Worthing in Sussex offer much more than first meets the eye for superb wedding photography opportunities. There are the tended gardens behind the hotel, a hillside meadow with wild flowers, long grass and then the hotels own funky mirrored ballroom. Truly inspiring for a photographer!

Dani got ready at her auntie’s house in Worthing with the help of her 3 bridesmaids, looking luscious in coral pink (is that the colour description?) Dani’s shoes were pretty cool and I enjoyed the photo on the chequered hall floor.

At the hotel, Mike had been busy all morning multi-tasking attending to this and that, but now he stood suited, calm and focused on the one important task that afternoon! He hardly stopped grinning (through the rest of the day), as Dani made her dazzling entrance and the happy ceremony got going.

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