Wedding Photos from Nicky and Adam’s wonderful autumn wedding at Upton Grey Village Church and Lainston House near Winchester Hampshire


The day was crisp and clear, with sparkly sunlight and hints of autumn to give wonderful atmospheric light for wedding photos at Nicky & Adam’s wedding.

Champagne popping, the bridal party gathered at Nicky’s parents home for a drink in pyjamas (is that a song title?!) before the final beauty preparations. With a touch of this & dab of that, the dresses suitably dressed, it was only a short journey round the corner to the church. Myself, as the alert photographer, was of course well ahead of the bridesmaids to capture Adam & the boys shaping up at the church. Upton Grey has a very pretty church with an ideal layout for weddings, several ways in and out for guests/bride entrance plus that handy little side door for the photographer to slip through unnoticed to find oneself the other side of the couple and vicar!

After a lovely ceremony, the sun put on its best show for all to gather outside for post wedding conferring, confetti, with a bit of whooping and waving.

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